Monday, February 20, 2012

Schools receive TEA Literacy Grant

TEA Literacy Initiative Grant Award- Travis and Lanier Vertical Teams
In November of 2011, the Office of Innovation and Development submitted an application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for the TEA Literacy Initiative grant. The application required the creation or continuation of a comprehensive literacy-line program from birth to 12th grade.  A team of District personnel, representing Early Childhood, English-Language Arts, AYP, RTI, Special Education, Special Services, Library Services and Evaluation gathered to create a plan that would meet both the guidelines of the grant and the needs of District. The final proposal included rich programming from Early Childhood to High School with the common thread of enhancing literacy instruction in two vertical teams: Travis and Lanier. 

We are happy to announce that on Feburary 7th, AISD was notified that the grant funds will be awarded to the district in the amount of $5.13 million. This grant will leverage literacy opportunities to Travis and Lanier Vertical Teams!

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