Friday, November 1, 2013

Announcing the 2013 Teaching with Google Nexus Project Winners!

Austin ISD has announced four recipients of the 2013 Teaching with Google Nexus Project.  Award recipients will receive a classroom set of Google Nexus tablets for their innovative and creative ideas using technology to improve educational outcomes of students. 

The 2013 Teaching with Google Nexus Project winners are:

  • Nicole Griffith, Teacher, Austin High School
  • Elisabeth Healey, Teacher, Blackshear Elementary School
  • Joon Yee Chuah, Teacher, Kealing Middle School
  • Adam Holman, Assistant Principal, Crockett High School

“We are thrilled to be selected as an award recipient of the Teaching with Google Nexus Project grant. This technology will help our teachers transform math instruction, helping students see the real-world application of mathematical concepts," said Craig Shapiro, Principal, Crockett High School where Assistant Principal, Adam Holman received 30 tablets to support Algebra I instruction. "We know that effectively incorporating technology into the classroom is of paramount importance to prepare our students to be successful in a globally competitive economic environment."

The 2013 Teaching with Google Nexus Project was made possible by an in-kind donation of 100 Google Nexus tablets for educators to integrate technology into their classroom.  More than 60 grant submissions from AISD teachers and non-profit providers who work with AISD students on campuses were received.  Through a multi-step screening process and review panel of distinguished advisors and educators, the four winning grants were selected. 

"The Teaching with Google Nexus Project illustrates how teachers are embracing digital devices as teaching tools in the classroom," said Michelle Wallis, Executive Director of the district's Office of Innovation & Development.  "Google’s generous contribution of the Nexus tablets will engage and challenge students through individualized instruction and enable teachers to get creative in their teaching strategies.  It was great to see how much excitement was generated through the grant process – from art projects, language immersion instruction and advanced computer programming – teachers from all disciplines are finding ways to incorporate technology in the classroom."

Austin ISD will distribute the Nexus tablets to the four winning applicants for the 2013-2014 school year.  Austin ISD and Google jointly express gratitude and compliment to the 62 Teaching with Google Nexus Project applicants who collectively put forth tremendous efforts into their submissions.

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